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Hướng dẫn

1. Before you start:
  • Customers MUST use Firefox browser 4.0 portable version which is USB Driver installed. Please click here to download.
  • Customers MUST use USB Token containing certificate issued by Viettel-CA which is currently active and has expiration date at 20/10/2015.
2. Step by step:
Step 1: Please access http://viettel-ca.vn:
Homepage of website Viettel-CA displays notification as follows:
Step 1
Please press the blue button with text “Bấm vào đây để cập nhật thời hạn chữ ký số” or press menu (1) or (2) on the hompage as following image:
Step 1
Step 2: From notification screen, please press the green button with text “Cập nhật thời hạn Chữ ký số” as the following image:
Step 2
Step 3: Enter your USB Token’s PIN password then press OK:
Step 3
Step 4: If the PIN password is correct, it has 2 cases:
  • Your USB Token contains only one certificate, go to Step 5.
  • Your USB Token contains more than one certificate, please click to select the certificate that you want to update. The selected row will turn into pink as below. Press OK.
    Step 4
Step 5: Please read the instruction carefully before pressing the blue button at the bottom of the page. Notice: Select the name of your USB Token, DO NOT select “Software Security Device”. Then press OK.
Step 5
Step 6: Please wait a minute while the system is processing.
  • Screen 1
    Step 6
  • Screen 2
    Step 6
Step 7: After your certificate is successfully updated, a notification is displayed as follows:
  • Screen 1: In case you have not provided your contact number when registering Viettel-CA service, please enter your contact number in box (1) then press button (2) to finish.
    Step 7
  • Screen 2: In case you have provided your contact number when registering Viettel-CA service, please press the blue button to finish:
    Step 7
With Eximbank customers, after your certificate is successfully updated. You MUST go to Eximbank branches/transaction offices to update your new certificate to continue using Internet Banking.
3. Common errors
  1. Using unsuitable browser version.
      Treatment: Download the installation (press the blue button with text “Tại đây” on the error display) then follow the instructions.
      Step a
  2. No USB Token plugged:
    Step b
  3. USB Token does not contain any certificate:
    Step c
  4. Your certificate is ineligible:
    Step d
  5. Your certificate is revoked:
    Step e
    Step e
While updating your certificate, if you encounter any errors or have any questions, please contact to Viettel Customer Care Center (+84) 18008000 line 1 for assistance.